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Why we do what we do

There is something about belonging to the kingdom of God and participating in kingdom work that exponentially enlarges the footprint of our lives. It is not that our fame and glory are increased; in fact, the Lord warns us against giving with those kinds of motives (Mt. 6:2). Rather, it is that the kingdom of God is expanded; His fame, His glory, and the understanding of His Word are magnified. As a school, we have the opportunity to participate in what the Lord is doing in our midst as He builds His kingdom.

Over 5 generations of students have now grown up, graduated, and been sent out from Conestoga, equipped spiritually, academically, and physically to meet their world with the light of Jesus.

Our vision as a school remains strong

Conestoga Christian School, in harmony with the home and church, provides a quality educational program for PK-12th grade students in an environment which develops critical thinking, nurtures Christ-like character, and equips students for a life of discipleship and service.

How can you help?

Conestoga’s budget has always been linked to tuition dollars; tuition brings in approximately 80% of Conestoga’s income annually. Through community and corporate partnerships our goal is to achieve the following:

1. Reduce dependency on enrollment/tuition revenue
2. Help families with financial need remain at PG电子游戏 rather than having to look at other options
3. Remain on the cutting edge in helping our students gain exposure to technology
4. Address long-overdue upgrades to our facilities, and embark on a capital campaign to add much needed educational space and parking.

If you or your organization is willing to partner with Conestoga Christian School and support our school by giving to our scholarship fund, technology development program, facility improvement endeavors, or capital campaign, please fill out a donation form. You can donate by check or by using our online donation system. All donations are tax deductible. Click one of the buttons on the right to get started. Thank you!


Mark Detwiler

Business Manager


2760 Main Street

Morgantown, PA 19543

610.286.0353 ext 405

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Conestoga Christian School

2760 Main Street

Morgantown, PA 19543


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